Welcome to Wu Lab! The goal of the Wu Laboratory, at the University of Florida in Electrical and Computer Engineering, is to design and develop new functional materials and devices for advanced electronic, spintronic & quantum application.

We use

Quantum Devices Towards Ultralow-Power, Ultrafast and Scalable electronics



Our toolbox includes: 


👏Designer quantum devices, e.g. interface engineering between a ferromagnetic thin film and a transition metal dichalcogenide with strong spin orbit coupling

👏Epitaxy growth/sputtering, micro-fabrication and characterizations

👏High-quality device assembly inside glove box

👏Electric/spin transport and capacitance measurements

👏Extreme conditions: high magnetic fields and ultralow temperatures


👉November 2023, our review paper on 2D magnetic heterostructure: spintronics and quantum future is on arXiv;

👉October 2023, Dr. Yingying Wu joined Editorial Board of npj Spintronics

👉August 2023, Dr. Yingying Wu joined University of Florida as an Assistant Professor;